His life

Draping canopies and lush leavery hid the once dense jungles of Aidan’s home to a mere waste-land. Trees cut down, signs of huts he had once lived in we’re no longer here. Yet the not knowledgeable Neko had no idea what had happened, he thought his tribe had renovated, moved, left to find a new home, yet that was far form reality, such a different story was weaved by many characters, however he remembers brief bits of memory.

A sweet spring breeze flew by the roof of the huts of a jungle village, shrouded by great ferns and foliage of the jungle. Deep within the center of the tribe, tribesmen and women would be gathered around the chief’s hut, the largest out of the clusters of reed roofs. Faint cries from a babe could be heard in ear shot as the chieften’s wife would be giving birth. Notable features could be seen from both genes delivered. Large red eyes which he obtained from his father, and small tufts of red hair he attained from his mother. Destined to be the new chief when his father past on, it all wouldn’t come to be.

The child you saw being birthed was named Aidan, Aidan Gnash. Little Aidan was now six years old, often found outside of his respected household playing with the other children of the tribe which he often called brother and sister. Since they resided in the jungles and never lived among civilization, the Neko tribe often retained feral like qualities, yet they we’re humane enough to make contact with. His birthday was approaching soon, April 30th, he’d be seven years of age and eligible for his first hunting trip with his father. He looked forward to this with so much glee, yet that ever fateful day would approach.

You see, Aidan’s tribe lived in present day, yet remained hidden in the jungles. A day came where those men came, those referred to as the “human” by his father. Aidan himself thought they we’re friendly, and tried to make friends yet they took him as gullible, and took all children in the tribe as this. A few days later the “humans” returned with blades and machines. Aidan was puzzled as to what they we’re doing with them, yet he grew in shock as he saw his entire family slaughtered brutally before his eyes. Crimson hues saw the sight of bloodshed and the destruction of his birthplace though it didn’t matter anymore. The “humans” captured the children and sold them off into slavery.

Sedative drugs wore off of the children as they began to lash out, clawing and crying at the caged bars they we’re in. They settles realizing it would bring no results. Innocent eyes watched person by person go by without purchasing them to take them home. Yet Aidan had no intentions of going with any slaves. He was one of the more stubborn ones in the bunch, playful as he seemed as a child, he detested the humes themselves before he was purchased by one.

A middle aged library worker named Aidelah had purchased Aidan at the age of nine. Not for pleasure for herself, but for him. She taught him basic mathematical equations, grammar, etiquette, things along these lines or at least she tried to. Aidan always shirked his lessons and detested to learn new things, though he could speak, it was in a more slang type manner. Aidelah was no doubt a nice person but she couldn’t get through to the stubborn child and grew tired with him. She released him, free to go where he wanted.

Seven years later Aidan was at the age of sixteen, wandering about the world by his lonesome self. He tried to make friends, he still enjoyed playing with others, it seemed he wasn’t intelligible enough to talk to the others around. Aidan’s body had seemed to peek it’s maximum growth point, standing at six feet tall his body was toned, muscles placed in the right places. He was skinny from not eating, though not overly, he still retained hint of muscles in his abdominals, arms, and legs where he used those muscles the most.

Two years have passed, Aidan had grown fond of a girl named Hayden, he liked her much yet he didn’t know how to come out to her about his feelings. He’d only feel stupid, upset, he thought that you had to be smart to be in love with someone. The day had come when he would finally meet with her, he was excited to see her and express his emotions. It went sour though, a guard had spotted him, he didn’t wander far from the markets, furthest he did was to the jungles where he resided in his child hood life.

Tackled and wrestled to the ground where he was cuffed and drugged away by a collar around his neck. Tears welled in his eyes as he saw the girl he had loved in the distance. With one last breath of air he shouted out his love to her before falling to sleep by lack of oxygen. Days later he was back in the cages within the gloomy halls of the slave markets. A year would pass of being unowned, he was nineteen and his birthday approaching soon. No one to celebrate his coming of age with, it was a shame he was alone, hardly anyone to talk to.

Aidan did however try to keep an upbeat attitude about things unless he was being bought. He’d refuse to go with slavers, or anybody as a matter of fact unless he liked them. It was a rare thing to see him owned for a long period of time, often growing wild when they got him to a private reside to have their ways with him.