Basic wear of what he has on. IF you say, shirt, or anything if he's not wearing one, I will go off on you, it makes me angry when people don't read. He's usually topless.


 Twenty year old Aidan still retained his youthful charm. Blazing red locks would dangle about his face. He wore it in two styles, hair let down that would fall to his shoulder blades, the second would have his hair in the back tied up with a decorative hair decoration he had attained in childhood. Dashing red eyes still remained, only to grow darker in color as did his fluffy ears. Each ear had three piercings, and right ear was notched for slavery reasons. The piercings we're retained from birth. Lips always curled into a sly smile, right corner having a snake bite piercing of a gold ring which too, also came from childhood .Creamy skin adorned his body, chest bore no clothing what so ever. Anything remote to clothing on his uppers we’re bands. Upon his upper right arm was a band of distressed brown leather, and on his wrists we’re white cotton wraps, there for the show. Violet blue and purple horizontal striped shorts would be tight around his waist, due to the two criss crossed red belts that we’re held in place by an oversize red belt buckle. Odd choice for garment would flare out around his knees, giving him a good few inches for ease of access. It was all he wore, no shoes or sandals, he walked barefoot, a simple male.


Name : Aidan Tybalt Gnash (Ay-dawn Tie-ball-tuh Naw-sh)

Nick names : Captain Obvious. King of thieves/cats, his middle name Tybalt comes from a story about a cat thief who was king among them. Aid, Aidy. (Given by Stille)

D.O.B. : 04/30/1989

Age : 20


Blood type : AB+

Gender : Male

Species : Neko-jin

Height: Six feet, 4 inches

Weight : 134 lbs

Hair Color : Blood red

Build : Slim, tall, toned body, athletic, a balanced fighter build

Complexion : fair

Orientation : Bi, stronger female pref

Personality : Overzealous, cheery, playful(Will play tricks) Cocky, bad ass in nature, gets pretty foul mouthed if approached wrong. He retains some of his cat like nature, thus noting why he licks his hands some times...}

Occupation : Unowned slave(kidnappable)

Skills : Thieving, weaving leaves, building shelters, archery, hunting.

Items kept on hand : Nothing but the clothes on his back... err legs?

Injuries :None

Smells like : leaves, forest, grass.... fresh cut!

Likes : Cute girls, randomness, food, tricks, his son, chocolate, being petted or scratched on his belly/behind ears/his back

Hates: Boredom, pain, rushing things, being betrayed, two faced people,his own stupidity,