A basic run down

Of where this Neko-jin is from!

The Dyeron mean The Fire People and they're mostly noted for their strange attire, and well known red hair. The entire tribe has red hair, eye color differentiates between who they're born from. In this case since Aidan is born from the rulling parents of the tribe, so he inherits their red eyes, it's a weird thing.


Besides Aidan's parents i'll break down the tribe in a few, easy to bite, pieces for you!

Families - There are several families in the Dyeron's tribe. There are the ruling, chief tribe which Aidan is born from. They uphold the law within the tribe, direct taxes to appropriate house holds, and other such things a governing figure would do. Aidan would've been doing this and been worshiped at lavish feasts and what not, but his whole family was killed, sadly.

There are the Second ruling families. Two of these. If the Chief family was ever to be killed, these would be elected for ruling next. It would be a debate in athleticism. Games would be played after the burial of the chief family. Again, they do what the Chief Family does, and they also assist with Tribe meetings.

Last but not least, peasant families. Your everyday people of the tribe, they do work, hunt with the  chief father and his son, or cook with the chief mother and daughter if one was to be born. Pretty easy life style, they also are the workers that set up parties and what not.

 The accomidation - They lived in small huts, two rooms, the living/dining/cooking room where rituals we're held at appropriate times, feasting would take place, and just plain relaxing. Children slept here as well. There was a master bed room for the parents as well, they only slept here.

Chief and second ruling houses we're much bigger. They had a room for everything. Each child was entitled to a bed room, parents a master. There we're two bathing terminals as they we're often built near waterfalls, a dining room, a living room, and a kitchen.

Built out of wood, not like a normal house you'd see now a days, but like a dome, leaves we're often scattered about the top.

 Festivities - Well, there's a few I'll list and describe them.

 Wedding/marriage/bonding - This is known as a bonding described by the tribe. They get 'married' at the tallest waterfall within the jungle, often a tire to climb to. Once there, an ancient recital is stated, they kiss (Just like a normal wedding) Exchange flowers, and feast. It's a simple thing really. Once that day ends, it's then shown up the next morning by a large breakfast, a tribal dance, and the rest is spent between the two companions sharing their love. Usually the son or daughter of the chief family is married to one of the second rulers daughter or sons

Birthday/Cycle day - What's known as a birthday, is a cycle day for the Bode. This is when once person becomes one year older. A large celebration is held. There are fireworks, fire dancing, and fire crackers (Aidan's pyromania comes from this, he hasn't touched fire since he's been in The Tether) Feasting, and Desert. This is all payed for by the Chief family. If it's a boy, they are greeted by fine women, or girls, cared for on hand and feet for the whole day, and then dismissed at the end. Likewise for the girls, but it's men and boys.